Paradise Wildlife Park

From January 30, 2018 - 07:20 PM
to December 31, 2018 - 11:55 PM
Paradise Wildlife Park
White Stubbs Ln,
EN10 7QA, Broxbourne

Paradise Wildlife Park is home to over 500 animals, which include small mammals, paddock and farmyard animals, birds, primates, reptiles, and big cats. They house Siberian tigers, White Bengal tigers, South African cheetahs, snow leopards, ocelot and a jaguar. They also house white lions.[3]

Breeding at Paradise Wildlife Park has been successful, with the breeding of endangered species such as marmosets, tamarins, Burmese pythons and lovebirds. Many animals are bred as part of the EEP Breeding Programme.

Animals and wildlife at Paradise Wildlife Park are separated into several attractions including:

  • Big Cat Territory
A Red Deer at Paradise Wildlife Park - - 1421230.jpg
Strix nebulosa -Paradise Wildlife Park, Hertfordshire, England -head-8a.jpg

The big cat territory contains some of the most endangered big cat species in the world, including the white tiger, cheetah, ocelot, white lions, snow leopards, jaguars and Amur tigers.

  • Hooves and Humps

The hooves and humps section houses ungulate animals such as the endangered Bactrian camel, the African plains zebra, the Brazilian tapir and reindeer.

  • Farmyard

The zoo has a variety of species of farmyard animals including pygmy goats, sheep, pigs and chickens among others. Most of the farmyard animals are also able to be fed by hand.

  • Tropical Rainforest
Ailurus fulgens -Paradise Wildlife Park, Hertfordshire, England-8a.jpg

Paradise Wildlife Park is home to the largest collection of small monkeys in the UK in its natural tropical rainforest house, including over 10 species of small monkeys as well as sloths, armadillos and several other tropical creatures.

  • Angkor reptile temple

The Angkor Reptile Temple houses the largest Anaconda in the UK named Optimus Prime.[4] The zoo also has over 35 different species of snakes, lizards, spiders, alligators, bugs and beetles.

  • Birds & aviary

The section contains macaws, owls, eagles and lorikeets that can be hand fed.

  • Small mammals

Houses a collection of small mammals including meerkats, red pandas, otter and wallabies.